-  Uki & friends  -
“Uki” is a CGI animated pre-school show that centres on a cute, cuddly, upbeat and very, very curious little creature. Uki is neither male nor female. Even though he cannot talk, his communication is rich: Uki expresses himself through sounds, laughter and smiles. He can do all the things common to 1- 4 year olds, added to which he can fly - and jump very high! Uki takes the littlest of viewers by the hand to discover the world through adventures that are playful, funny and cheerful. The Uki-concept and idea is created by Ashkan Harati and Topfloor and animated by Creative Conspiracy. Check outwww.ukiland.com and watch an episode.
Uki has been on air in Europe, Asia and the Middle East since 2010.
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